Who we are

We are three teachers; Sarah Owen and Rachel Mckenna from the UK, and Sarah Rijnen from California.

And we have one goal –  to bring the magic of the imagination back to the classroom, inspiring teachers and kids across the globe. 

We began working together thanks to a frantic search by Sarah Rijnen for more drama-based teaching resources.  She stumbled across Pyjama Drama. Based in Wales in the UK and run by sisters Sarah and Rachel, Pyjama Drama is a network of teachers who deliver imaginative play classes in nurseries and preschools in the UK, Malaysia and Australia.  Pyjama Drama has provided a tried and tested program of dramatic games, activities, and music to children ages 0-7 since 2005.

The three of us have different backgrounds, but we've all seen first-hand the best way for children to learn.  In just minutes of teacher-led pretend play, children not only learn how to take turns, practice problem solving, and develop a sense of self, but they can also master new content - subjects like letter sounds, geometry, social studies, and on and on!  

In January 2018, after teaching Pyjama Drama in the US for a few years, we wondered about our plan to hire more Pyjama Drama teachers in California - Why keep these high-quality drama resources to ourselves when we could train any (and every!) teacher to supercharge their teaching with drama, music, movement and play?

More about Sarah Rijnen

Sarah has a degree in Theater and a Masters degree in Education. She has taught first grade in the US and Finland, and preschool drama classes in the US, Finland, Argentina, and the UK. Her two children, ages 4 and 7, remind her daily of the power of pretend play.


More about Rachel McKenna
Rachel has two young boys and has a Master’s degree in Teaching from Manchester University. She worked as an Art Teacher for many years, ran her own bespoke wedding stationery design business, and has been working with Pyjama Drama since 2015.


More about Sarah Owen
Sarah has a degree in Drama and taught High School Drama and English for a number of years before setting up Pyjama Drama in 2005 when her youngest was just one year old. Her three children are now 18, 16 and 14, and she spends her time writing courses, music and resources, as well as training and supporting teachers. 


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