Bringing laughter & learning to the classroom!

We live in an increasingly hectic world so it's more important than ever that our children are given the tools to cope; to learn how to manage disappointment, how to make friends, to speak up and to listen, to share and to take turns. But some children start preschool lacking in the social and emotional skills they need to cope, and for busy teachers, this can mean long challenging days. 

But what if that three-year-old who spins round and round during Circle Time suddenly watches with engaged attention? If that little girl who usually sobs at the door clutching her teddy instead forgets all about her mum and lets out a great big belly laugh? If that little one who screams when he can't get his own way is able to share his toy

It is possible!

We show preschool teachers how to use drama, music and imaginative play in their classrooms, and to be great at it, even if they have never done drama before, or consider themselves to be naturally shy... 


Take an Online Course 
Take a course in the comfort of your own home, in fact, try what we do for free! Sign up here to receive our free five minute lesson, 'Bringing Nursery Rhymes to Life' and see for yourself how, with just a few small changes, you can enhance the laughter and fun in your classroom, and help children develop their skills along the way.



Use our Music 
Looking for a song to develop motor skills? Or one to get your children's hearts thumping?  Need a song about creepy crawlies? A mermaid? A clown, or a train? To help with counting or days of the week?  We have a huge range of songs exploring a wide range of topics and themes, so you're sure to find the perfect track to enhance and support the learning going on in class. And the best bit? Download as many as you like - for free! And follow our YouTube channel for animations of several (and always growing number) of our favourite tracks.  



Grab an Activity Pack 
Pyjama Drama has been creating original drama games and rhymes since 2005, with children across the UK, in MalaysiaAustralia and in California being able to experience full-length drama sessions by qualified Pyjama Drama teachers. Many of these resources are now being made available to you - for free - so your children can begin to experience the joy and the benefits of these incredibly powerful resources. Check out our current free Activity Pack here.


Book In-Person Training 
In addition to our online courses, we provide specialist one-to-one or small group coaching for educators looking for new ways to approach their children’s education. Contact to set up your first session!