Learn our powerful techniques and teach through imaginative play!

We all know that children learn best while having fun and that they can form incredible bonds with their teachers; especially those teachers who know The Secret! 

These are the teachers who can captivate a class with their storytelling, who will crawl around the surface of the moon hunting for moon bugs, and who has the room in stitches with their range of silly voices, funny faces and perfect comic timing.

This teacher is every child's most favourite person and is the person they will always remember as their first 'grown-up' friend. And the reason for this is simple. Because this is the teacher who has mastered the art of play! 

Not everyone finds it this easy. But it can be learned. You too could be that teacher... 

 The Secret to Being an Incredible Preschool Teacher is for anyone who works with preschool children wanting to use a more imaginative approach to their teaching. And you can enroll now for $950 / £735 - that's for up to 8 teachers in any one educational setting!


More about our incredible course 
You're already a great teacher, now it's time to be an incredible one. This course shows you how to harness the power of children's imaginations with confidence, even if you've no prior drama experience, or consider yourself to be shy.

What's more, you'll be amazed by how employing our techniques helps children to listen, follow instructions, make friends, gain language and overall confidence, develop empathy and much more!

Created by three teachers with nearly 50 years experience between them, lessons are easy to follow and generally last only a few minutes - meaning you can watch as much or as little as you like at any one time, from the comfort of your own home. The course includes a range of free resources, a planning booklet, and access to our ever-growing online community, The Pyjama Drama Learning Academy, where you can receive support and ideas from your Course Leader, as well as other teachers.

Our promise to you:
By the end of this course you will: 

  • Be confident using drama techniques
  • Be confident in delivering movement and music activities
  • Know how to easily manage drama games with large or small groups of children
  • Fill your tool belt with simple techniques to improve classroom management 
  • Quickly be able to lead activities that support your students' overall learning objectives
  • Meet the requirements of developmental domains: Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Health, Language and Literacy, Cognitive Development 


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