'Bringing Nursery Rhymes to Life'

Would you like to learn a powerful new technique to bring Nursery Rhymes to life for your preschoolers? Our free, 5 minute lesson will transform the way you sing with your class - and that's a promise!

Watch this short lesson online from the comfort of your own home, then head into class tomorrow and put our technique to the test - Nursery Rhymes will never be the same again!

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Young child holding an imaginary, and very colourful, spider in his cupped hands.

Transform your teaching!
Even if you have no experience of drama, or consider yourself to be naturally shy, this short lesson will transform the way you sing Nursery Rhymes (and other songs!) with your class - long after you've stopped singing!

‘This week several children couldn’t stop racing about so I shouted “Stop! I've lost the Incy Wincy Spider and we might stand on him… Stand very still and look around you.” They all stopped and carefully scanned the floor. We “found” Incy right by someone’s foot so it was very lucky we all stopped running!’ – Kirsty, Teacher


Reap the rewards
'Pretending' changes your classroom in tangible ways. From the rambunctious child who learns to patiently wait for a friend, to the timid child who shouts out loud, you'll notice the growth in your children!  

'Jackson, who typically blurts out comments or engages in side conversations, sat with rapt attention. I couldn't believe that an imaginary caterpillar could bring out such interesting sides of these children!' - Laura, Teacher


Who are we?
Pyjama Drama Learning are experts in drama and play. Our teachers have been employing our techniques, games and activities since 2005, so we know how powerful drama and play can be for children – not only for helping develop social and emotional skills such as concentration, empathy, co-operation and confidence but also for nurturing language and communication, supporting resilience and enhancing well-being, as well as developing a child’s physical capabilities.


But I'm no good at drama!
We know that the idea of ‘doing drama’ can be daunting for many teachers, especially if they didn’t enjoy studying drama at school, or if they are naturally shy. Because we’ve been training teachers from all walks of life for over fifteen years, we know that you don’t have to be ‘good’ at drama to be able to ignite a child’s imagination, nor do you need to be a natural extrovert.


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