Have you already embraced drama and imaginative play as a method to unleash the potential in preschool children but are struggling with planning activities, or finding ways to reach children with a range of needs and abilities? Our in-person and online coaching might provide the resources and support you need!

In addition to our online courses, Pyjama Drama Learning provides specialist one-to-one and small group coaching for educators looking for new ways to approach their child’s education, regardless of where you are in the world or which curriculum they follow. Contact to set up your first session.


'Our early educator training was organized, interactive, and interwove the California Preschool Learning Foundations and Frameworks. Sarah did a wonderful job breaking down concepts for teachers, allowed time to work through the process, and offered great follow up to the work she presented. We are looking forward to more professional development and learning opportunities through Pyjama Drama Learning.' Lauren Thorne, Early Learning Educational Support Coordinator, San Luis Obispo County Office of Education
All students of Pyjama Drama Learning online courses receive permanent access to our private Facebook group, 'The Pyjama Drama Learning Academy,' where teachers gather to share tips and ideas, as well as troubleshoot issues with using drama in the classroom. One of the directors is there every day, and we are continuously impressed by the quality of support teachers provide each other. 


'Pyjama Drama Learning has helped me offer safe ways for students to express their personalities as they continue to develop their social and cognitive skills.  Offering imaginative play has supported their learning of cooperation, decision making skills and investigation skills!

I have to add that I have watched parents in my classroom smile, and appear to be surprised, when observing techniques I took away from Pyjama Drama Training. The opportunity to watch their child in imaginative play with songs and storytelling allows parents to gain new insights and deeper understanding of their child's thinking and emotions. It has been great as a teacher to observe this!'  Shannon Pimentel, Lead Teacher, First 5 Preschool