Little boy smiling with a female teacher whispering something in his ear. he is looking to the air, into his 'imagination'


An online course for anyone working with preschool children who wants to teach through play more effectively.


Lifetime access, active support, free games, songs and workbook. Incredible value for up to 8 teachers in any one setting!


Young child holding an imaginary, and very colourful, spider in his cupped hands.

Free online lesson for preschool teachers

Change the way you sing Nursery Rhymes (and other songs!) with your preschoolers forever by watching this free, five-minute lesson from the comfort of your own home - then put it to the test in class tomorrow!

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Developing well-being in preschoolers is arguably the first step to creating happy, successful and well-rounded grown-ups. Download our free well-being Activity Pack to get a range of imaginative activities that are as powerful as the are easy to deliver - find out more here.